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Seismic Steel Beam Clamps
City of Los Angeles COLA Approval Report LARR 26090
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IBC, ASCE 7-05, ASCE 7-10, NFPA, OSHPD Compliant
MEP, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Sprinkler Piping, Fire Protection
Badger Seismic Bracing Hardware
NUSIG Badger Industries Seismic Bracing
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Badger SBC158 Seismic Steel Beam Clamp Products
Download Badger Steel Beam Clamp Specification Sheets
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Download the Installation & Spec Sheets for the Seismic Steel Beam Clamp
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Available in 4 Models:
SBC158-C for Seismic Connections
Field Installation of Seismic Steel Beam Clamp on Fire Proofed Steel Beams and Steel Joists
Product Highlights:
  • Visual Inspection Compliant
  • Works on Fire Proofed Steel Beams
  • Usage Tested for both Gravity and Seismic Loads
  • 50% or More Labor Savings
  • Ideal for Strut Ceiling Grids
  • FM 1950 Cyclic Seismic Tested
  • IBC / AISI / ASCE 7 / CBC / OSHPD / NFPA-13 Compliant
  • City Of Los Angeles COLA Approval RR Report # LARR 26090